Some time ago one very curious gentleman asked us what Gala’s soups are made of. Although all the soup kits offer a full list of ingredients, we have decided to give you a small review of some of the tools we use and the ingredients we put in our soups. Today’s post is not an exhaustive list of everything that goes into preparing Gala’s Dehydrated Soup Kits but at least gives some idea how we run things. We hope you find this post interesting and useful 🙂

Next time we will post the list of ingredients for each soup kit. Until then, you’d have to grab a pack and read it on the label 🙂

The soups can be ordered via email, by phone (540) 860-0615, via our Facebook page, or even by leaving us a comment on the blog. Give our soups a try – you will be pleasantly surprised! 🙂