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Here at Gala’s Meals kitchen we always look for ways to make our food as delicious and healthy as we can. Why?

pic-Child-eating-soup-at-homeBecause way before we offered our soups for sale, we had intended them as meals for our own family. As our friends and guests started asking us to make soups kits for them to take home, we realized we weren’t the only ones with busy schedules and demanding palates. So we increased the amount of soup kits we make and offered them for sale. Nevertheless, our original intention for our soups remained the same – to offer our family quick and easy meals without sacrificing taste and nutrition.

There are three young children in our household, two of them with food allergies. So naturally we follow all the latest news about healthy nutrition. Within the last few years our family has given up on products with food dyes, MSG, GMO, and such. One of the recent changes is our switch from regular white table salt to Celtic Sea Salt.

In the age of fast food, whether it’s eating out at chain restaurants or buying packaged food to eat at house, we find ourselves undermining healthy nutrition for the sake of convenience. Busy parents simply cannot afford to spend hours in the kitchen. Even stay-at-home parents would rather spend time with their kids than at the stove. This is our case as well. Our kids are active and curious, and we spend a lot of time exploring, reading, making crafts, and simply hanging out together. But when the time comes to eat, we grab a pack of Gala’s Soup, throw the mix in a pot of water, – and within half an hour have flavorful, fragrant, homemade soup on the table! Best of all, it’s all natural, free of preservatives, dyes, MSG, and other yucky stuff!

We find our soup kits extremely convenient and affordable. The kids love the taste, and we love how easy it has become for us to feed our family with nutritious meals without spending hours in the kitchen!