Sprouted wheat bread is a healthy alternative to white flour or whole grain flour bread.

sprouted wheatThe sprouted grain process involves soaking the grains in water until they begin to grow a sprout. Once the grains sprout, they are drained and mixed together to be ground up and used. Before the sprouted grain is used, it is a living food. Enzymes are released during the sprouting process, which break down proteins and carbohydrates. This process helps make sprouted grain food low glycemic and easier to digest. Nutrients are absorbed immediately into the body, and are not lost in the digestive process.

Sprouted grain breads truly unlock the vital benefits our bodies need from grains. Some of the known benefits include: increased digestibility, increased absorption of minerals, increased antioxidants, and increased vitamin C and vitamin B.

crackersGala’s Sprouted Wheat Crackers are a perfect addition to her yummy homemade dehydrated soup mixes. Served alongside Gala’s Borsch or Mushroom Soup, these wholegrain sprouted wheat crackers add flavor and nutrition to your meal. We love dipping them in our soups and enjoying them one bite at a time; our kids, though, prefer to break them into pieces and put it all in their bowl at once. Whatever way you eat them, they’re good nonetheless! 🙂

Gala’s crackers are sold in packs of 8 for $3 a pack. Next time you order your borsch or soup, grab a bag of these babies, too!